Software development is one of the most business being practised at enterprise level & also we are in a golden era of JavaScript Libraries and frameworks. There are lot of technologies which are used to make the application faster, more attractive and user friendly. Vue.js is a JavaScript Framework used for building user interface.

Advantages while working with Vue.js technology:

-          Very small size for downloading and using it

-          It beats framework like react.js, angular.js & amber.js

-          Easy to understand

-          Easy for developing application

-          Simple Structure

-          Saving a lot time

-          Tracing of errors

-          Simple Integration with existing application

-          Great dealing with flexibility


There are mainly two ways to setup Vue for developing any application:

-          In a Node Project

-          Directly injecting to a static HTML file.

Using HTML method is the simplest setup and introduction.

In addition to the present, Vue combines with other modern tooling and supporting libraries to render a perfect single page application. It is a very powerful tool for building the powerful web. Some Built-in benefits including gentle learning curve, great documentation & very fast coding feature. Having an impressive package of tools for all programming needs.