PHP is a well-known platform for developing web applications. PHP is best like for developing small applications. It is purely based on the trends of requirements. Let us understand some basic characteristic of it:

- Simple and easy to use

- More secure web application while using a different framework

- Lightweight framework available to use for developing the application

- Flexibility and availability for integration

Some Application you can go through which we can develop with PHP:

- Content Management System

- Ecommerce website

- Small Enterprise Application

- School and college websites

- Small video games

- Small Enterprise Application

PHP based applications can run on any platform like UNIX, LINUX and Windows. PHP based application is easily loadable and fast performing. The loading rate is fast as it runs on a slower connection as well. It is offering a lot of freedom and space for invention.

While working with PHP, you can choose any of the web servers and operating systems as it is providing freedom for choosing. It stands for foremost used server-side programing language.