Codeigniter is a strong framework of PHP with an easy and stylish toolkit to make full-featured web applications. For building websites using PHP, Codeigniter is an Application Development Framework. It enables to develop project much faster rather than writing code from scratch. If someone is looking forward to developing an application then Codeigniter is the better option for it. Development is fast and speed is significant.


Let we have a look at some features:

- MVC Based System

- Extremely Light Weight

- Security and XSS Filtering

- Session Management

- Email sending class

- File Uploading class

- Application Profiling

- Flexible URL Routing

- Error logging

- Search Engine Friendly URLs

- Pagination

- Localization

- Image manipulation library


Some Security features which makes the framework stronger:

- Remote code execution

- SQL injection

- Same user accounts are not allowed on the same session

- Encrypted password

- Form validation


Advantages while working with Codeigniter:

- Fast, reliable, lightweight and more capable when it comes to developing a website

- Codeigniter development can extend PHP coding to get some specific function through the framework

- The easiest way to utilize a modular program

- Outstanding performance with excellent presentation

- Compatible with many web servers, operating systems, and platforms

- Easy debugging methods for finding errors


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