On-page SEO is a process to optimize the structure of your web page.  It will help the search engine crawlers to under the meaning and content of your pages. Yes, it is important for search engines as providing the number of attention to understanding the content.


With this process, we use the keyword which will be useful to rank your website during the indexing and ranking process. We try to associate web pages with the keywords and search techniques user type in the search box.


It includes some techniques for ranking the web pages:


-              Publishing High-Quality Content for better result

-              Attention on Page Titles and Meta description

-              Content formation

-              Heading formation

-              Images and other multimedia content

-              Internal / External Links

-              The loading speed of the web pages

-              Mobile-Friendly feature

-              URL Optimization

-              Make sure that content is original, useful and fresh

-              Publish comments that make sense

-              Put outbound links that will link to the High-Quality related websites

-              Beautify your content



If you are owning a business and looking for local customers, then On-page SEO is the process that you need to do.