It is an open-source framework that allows building a mobile app with the help of JavaScript. It uses technology for simpler development and better user experience. Using React Native app platform, we are building the app in very little time with saving your money.


The biggest advantage of using this technology is that it uses a community-driven technology. With getting help from the community, issues can be solved.


Some Advantages we should while working with React Native App:


-              Reusable code and pre-built components: If a business is already having a web app with the React, then using that code mobile app can be build up. This is the most important advantage of the React Native app.


-              Simplified User Interface: User Interface which is designed in it, is more responsive, smoother feel support, decreasing the load time.


-              Third-Party Plugin Support: It is providing two types of plugins one is native modules and the other is JavaScript Modules for adding some basic app functionality.


-              Modular Architecture:

-              Live Reloading

-              Plenty of solutions and libraries


Many businesses can save great time and money while developing an app with React Native.