Dot net is mostly used to create web pages and web technologies. We build very compelling application while using this language. It is a purely server side technology. In the early days, content on web page were static. But requirement was to update website dynamically and manually. For meeting this requirement, Dot net came into the market for easiness of web development purposes. Dot net is allowing the server to generate dynamic web pages based on user actions.


Some Advantages of Dot Net language we can explain for better going:

-          Creating large applications without wasting much time

-          It provides better performance while just in the time compilation process

-          Easy deployment wherein no need to register the components

-          It is language independent

-          Provides simplicity

-          More Secure and safe application

-          Better UI Controls

-          Easy to integrate with other Microsoft Application

-          More Stability and scalability

-          Fast Development


It allows building a variety of web solution such as:


-          Web-Based Applications

-          Business and cooperate websites

-          Custom CMS

-          Custom CRM