It is an HTML5 development framework and used to build hybrid mobile applications. Ionic can be compared as a UI framework that handles UI interactions of applications. It supports native mobile components & beautiful design. Ionic helps for providing components and themes which used to build the application for having an elegant and functional User Interface. Components are made up of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and offering two types of themes for mobile apps considering as light themes and dark themes.


Features that make it usable are typography, mobile components, and extensible base theme. The ionic command line interface comes with a built-in development server.


Benefits we cover while developing an app through Ionic:


-           Easy to adopt: As it is an HTML development framework, the app is easier to develop.

-           Cross-platform app development: Apps are built up quickly while saving time.

-           User Interface: components and themes are highly customizable. So it allows adapting the platform on which application is running.

-           Built on AngularJS: AngularJS is a widely used framework that allows ionic to provide the robust structure which makes the platform more manageable.

-           Performance: Higher performance compared to hybrid application.


Ionic is an outstanding choice for building basic native functionalities within an application to run on a different operating systems.