It is the environment that helps in the execution of the JavaScript code server-side. It stands as an open-source-cross-platform which is used to develop the real-time network application. It is not a framework as it is not working with .NET, PHP or Java. It operates on a single-threaded event to make all execution non-blocking.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of the Node.js server-side programming

-           Easy Scalability: It is easy to scale applications in horizontal as well in vertical directions. Rather than it offers an option for adding extra resources. So that it provides a better option than other JavaScript servers.

-           Single Programming Language: It makes the deployment of web applications easier because all web browsers are supporting JavaScript.

-           Offering High Performance: The speed of code execution is high.

-           Support of Large and Active Community: Blessed with the large community of developers who are willing to develop further improvement.

-           The catching Advantage:

-           Freedom of developing Apps

-           Support for commonly used Tools

-           Highly Extensible


The most important fact about Node JS is that it has an extended area of JavaScript application and can be used for front and backend servers.

With the usage of time, we have adopted node.js for business organizations and got positive results.