School ERP


School ERP or School Management Software plays an important role in managing almost all the activities that take place in school. Here we will be discussing the functions that are present in our School ERP software.


Admission– Keeps accountability regarding the admission of new as well as old students in a particular school.

Assignment and notes– This function keeps a track of the assignment given to students.

Attendance– Manages the attendance of students as well as the teachers.

Time table– This function takes care of the time table part

Event management– It takes care of all the events taking place in that school.

Emails, notification, and chat– This option works as a platform for teachers, parents, and students to interact.

Student tracking– As the name suggests, it takes care of the tracking of students.

Scholarship–This function looks after the data and then filter the students who are to be awarded a scholarship.

Canteen management– This function takes care of the restaurant that is present in the school.

Certificate– Focuses on the certificates that are related to various events.