The native app stands for a single platform/device app. It is made for a specific mobile platform with its native programming language as android app with using Java.


-          Some Advantages of the native android app we can go through are:

Smooth Performance: app development is done while using different coding languages for a different platform. As native android apps are built for the particular platform of android, it gives the best performance.

-          Speed: As customized for the android platform, it will achieve high speed and performance. While developing them, everything is considered including the utilization and the memory of the battery.

-           User Experience:  In the native android app, the experience of felling is much better while including features like better scrolling, gesture recognition, and many more elements.

-         Data protection with security: Full efficiency of hardware resources is required with the element of protection with security.

-          Flexibility: Apps offer fast access to inbuilt device utilities such as camera, calendar, GPS system, microphone, and other functionalities. Without any restrictions, everything can be implemented.

-              Personalization: Using the native app, the screens layout is adjusted as per requirement.