It is a type of JavaScript front-end framework and mainly used to develop single page web applications. Angular JS is providing the better way to develop web application. It is used to change the static HTML to the dynamic HTML. The reason behind the rapid growing of framework is that it is available with the different type of stable versions. Using HTML as template language, we express your application components clearly.

Why we are working with Angular JS?

-          Easy to work with

-          Time Saving

-          Ready to use template

-          Templates are cross-browser compliant

-          Easy maintenance web applications

-          Open source


Some advantages we can go through:

-          Capability to making single page application during a very clear and maintenance way.

-          Unit testable codes

-          Reusable content

-          Using HTML, providing rich and responsive experience.

-          It can create Rich Internet Application.

-          Binding Capability


Rather than other main advantage of using Angular JS is, compatible with all major browsers and smartphones.